Friday, May 15, 2009

Acid Reflux Symptoms

Acid Reflux Symptoms include the following.

While silently sleeping you wake up with an acute sensation in your throat. You are unaware of what it is. You get a glass of cold water. Your throat stills feels sore. It does not work. The following day you see your doctor and he/she tells you are suffering from "acid reflux". You are now aware and have a better understanding. But how does the "everyday" person find out if he/she is suffering from "acid reflux"?

Here are some symptoms of Acid Reflux Syndrome:

There are several ways to understand if you are suffering from "Acid reflux".

Heart Burn: The most common symptom of acid reflux is heart burn. In many cases there is a burning sensation in you throat and neck due to backward flow of food from your stomach. This is a digestive problem and has nothing to do with your heart. The burning sensation is mainly felt in the middle of your chest and back. This symptom is primarily suffered by unhealthy eating habits. People suffering from frequent heartburn should consult a doctor.

Hurting or burning sensation the throat while swallowing: Another significant symptom is a hurting or burning sensation in the throat. There is a serious sharp pain or a burning sensation while swallowing food. There can be a uneasy feeling of food getting stuck in your throat feeling and a feeling of heaviness. Your chest hurting might also be accompanied with these feelings. In such cases a person should try to eat slowly and chew the food properly and at the same time he/she should refrain from food or drinks that are too cold or too hot.

Difficulty in swallowing: Difficulty in swallowing is a state where there is a sense or feeling of food being stuck in the throat or in the upper part of the chest. There can be multitude of reasons for having a problem in swallowing the food, one of which is acid reflux. If you have this synptom, consult a doctor as quickly as possible.

Asthmatic symptoms: Problems like asthma and coughing can also occur in a person. Aside from the smokers this symptom was also seen in the non smokers on a larger scale.

Allergic to food (Nausea) and vomiting: Losing interest in food for a longer period of time and gradually losing appetite can also be a symptom of acid reflux. Vomiting can also be a symptom. Vomiting can be frequent or regular.

Pains in the chest: Many a times there can be a impression or sense of the food getting stuck in the chest. It is necessary to differentiate this pain from other chest pains and in such cases it is very crucial to consult a doctor as soon as possible

Disorders in the throat: Very seldom there can be symptoms in the throat. Sensations like swelling in the throat, dry coughing, trouble while swallowing, sore throat or continuous hiccups are some of the symptoms of the throat disorders.

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